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How To Treat Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home Without Surgery ?

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In this article, you will learn about how to treat thrombosed external hemorrhoids naturally at home without surgery. Hemorrhoids are usually caused by inflammation of the blood vessels in the rectum (an*s). External hemorrhoids are formed under the area of ​​the skin that surrounds the area around the anus. Hemorrhoids mainly caused by the too much straining during the bowel movements. The hard stool will causing the difficulty to move to the rectum, it will lead to the disruption of the blood vessels and can also interfere the blood circulation to the anus.

The blood vessels become inflamed and then this  will be formed such as a lump like ulcers, this known as hemorrhoids. Symptoms of hemorrhoids itself will be seen depending of the condition of it. Hemorrhoids can cause extreme pain and usually when defecation, the feces will be mixed with the blood.

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Symptoms of hemorrhoids disease can also be recognized by feeling the itch and painful in the area around the an*s. Eventually there is a small bumps in these area that would getting even worse if you ignoring it. The causes of hemorrhoids are also often due to several diseases such as diarrhea, severe constipation, and pregnancy. Some of them could be the main cause of external hemorrhoids.

How To Treat Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home ?

Some medications that are believed quite effective to cure external hemorrhoids include using materials that are easily found in everyday life. Here are some of useful tips about how to treat thrombosed external hemorrhoids naturally at home without surgery :

Carom seeds

How To Treat Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

Utilizing carom seeds to treat external hemorrhoid are proved to be very effective. The way is also very easy to do. The first thing is heat the pan on the stove and then place one teaspoon of carom seeds into it, roast the seeds, then after that, you need to grind it and give the mixture a pinch of kala namak and asafetida. Then drink it with a glass of plain water least once per day.


How To Treat Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

Cabbage is also useful for treating external hemorrhoids. Here’s how, take a fresh cabbage leaves, then place it on the affected area of hemorrhoids. This can help to relieve the pain and the swelling. You can also make cabbage juice, and the juice is applied to the affected part of hemorrhoids. Usually by this way, the bumps will slowly disappear.

Banana peel

Banana is rich in vitamins and is very good for health. Similarly, its peel, also has the properties that can be used as a drug that could cure many skin diseases. This treatment is also very simple, take a few pieces of banana peel and rub it directly on the external hemorrhoids area for several minutes, you can do this 2-3 times per day. It serves to treat the swelling and relieve itching in the anal area.

Black cumin

How To Treat Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

As you know, that black cumin has many useful benefits for the human body. Therefore, black cumin can also be used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

How to use it is to take a tablespoon of black cumin seeds, then baked on a hot griddle. After that, put a tablespoon of cumin into a container to be milled as a powder. After that, mix a half teaspoon of that powder into a plain water, and drink it every day during the healing process. It aims to ease the pain of hemorrhoids, and also can treat external hemorrhoids effectively.

Those are several effective ways about how to treat thrombosed external hemorrhoids naturally at home without surgery. Treating external hemorrhoids with some of the above methods have been proved quite powerful and often practiced by many people that suffering external hemorrhoids.

hemorrhoids (2)

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